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Can the ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS requirements be satisfied with a commercial software product? PDF Print E-mail
There are a number of commercial software products that can help companies achieve their Earned Value Management goals but the implementation a software product alone will not satisfy the ANSI/EIA 748 EVMS requirements. Similar to an ERP implementation, an EVMS implementation is more about business transformation than technology implementation. The technology arm of the EVMS is an enabling tool (such as Cobra or MPM), but the business must transform to successfully satisfy the criteria and effectively and efficiently use the EVMS to predict and improve project performance.

Successful EVMS implementations require an integration of people, processes and technology. It requires involvement from virtually all project and support personnel, a modification to many of the existing business processes and an integration of new and existing software systems to enable the following: 

  • Time-phased planning of all work scope for the program to completion,
  • Work authorization to include assignment of authority and responsibility at the work performance level,
  • Integration of the cost, schedule, and technical aspects of the work into a detailed baseline plan,
  • Objective measurement of progress (earned value) at the work performance level,
  • Accumulation and assignment of actual costs,
  • Analysis of variances from plans,
  • Summarization and reporting of performance data to higher levels of management for action,
  • Forecast of achievement of milestones and completion of contract events,
  • Forecast of final contract costs, and disciplined baseline maintenance and incorporation of baseline revisions in a timely manner.


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