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Performance Driven Project Management

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ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS Compliance Review and Gap Analysis
Using the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Program Management Systems Committee (PMSC) Earned Value Management Systems Intent Guide framework, Charter Performance works with the client to develop an EVMS compliance map which documents where the company’s business processes and systems conform to the ANSI/EIA EVMS Guidelines and where gaps exist. Information is gathered through the completion of surveys and personal one-on-one or team interviews. The analysis of the results yields areas of compliance with the ANSI/EIA-748 Guidelines and areas needing further development.  At the conclusion of the analysis, the client is presented with an ANSI/EIA-748 Compliance Review and Gap Analysis Report showing the degree to which the company complies with each of the 32 EVMS Guidelines and the 137 typical attributes.
Program Management Policies, Procedures, and Templates

The backbone of the Earned Value Management System is the company’s program management policies, procedures, guidelines and templates. Using Charter Performance's extensive library of compliant policies, procedures, templates, and desktop instructions, we help you implement and institutionalize a set of program management practices that integrate the requirements of the ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS standard into the company’s existing program management practices.  Fast-track your EVMS with Charter Performance's proven solution and EVM-Compliant library of Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Desktop Work Instructions.

Sample list of policies, procedures and guidelines

Facilitated Workshops

Effective earned value management is dependent on sound program frameworks and plans. Charter Performance offers facilitated workshops to assist clients with the development of critical work products such as the program work breakdown structure, integrated master plan and schedule, control account plans, and variance analysis reports. Workshop facilitators serve as both subject matter experts offering training and mentoring as well as product development facilitators. Participants include appropriate program personnel and stakeholders. The outputs of the workshop include a high-quality, mutually agreed upon work product and a staff that is better prepared to develop future work products.

EVMS Strategy and Implementation Plan
Through one-on-one and team interviews, Charter Performance works with the client to identify and document the company’s EVMS strategy, goals and objectives. The result is an earned value management strategy that is both accomplishable and meets the specific needs of the company.  Once the company’s EVMS Strategy has been defined and an EVMS Compliance Review and Gap Analysis Report has been completed, Charter works with the client to develop a detailed EVMS Implementation Plan. In addition to information provided in the EVMS Strategy and EVMS Compliance Review and Gap Analysis Report, workshops may be conducted to identify specific activities that need to be performed to ensure that appropriate people are involved, processes are identified, developed and approved and tools and technologies are implemented. The resulting EVMS Implementation Plan includes the key tasks and events needed to successfully design, develop and implement an earned value management system that complies with the 32 Guidelines in the ANSI/EIS-748 EVMS standard and aligns strategically with the company’s EVMS strategy.
EVMS Tool Implementation
Most earned value management tools on the market today are designed to be flexible, but tool flexibility can result in its actual implementation being non-compliant with the ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS standard. Charter Performance works with their clients to configure and implement commercially available tools such as Deltek's Cobra or MPM products.  We also develop interfaces between the EVMS tool and the company's accounting system and project management/scheduling tools to ensure that their application is compliant with the EVMS standard. 
EVMS Technology Integration
The EVMS is a system of systems involving the integration of people, processes and technologies. When a high degree of technology integration is achieved, there is less impact on the people and processes the EVMS relies upon. Charter works with the client to identify efficiencies to be gained by building interfaces and integrations between various technologies and tools used to support program planning and execution. When needed, Charter also provides development and implementation support to accomplish the planned integrations.